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Ash Andante 3strip White

Ash Andante 3strip White

44.44 32.96 /m2 ΜΕ ΦΠΑ

44.44 32.96 /m2 ΜΕ ΦΠΑ

100 σε απόθεμα

Διάσταση Κιβωτίου σε m2 : 2.7
Συνολική Τιμή 89.00



EAN-code 6438071508301
Collection Tone Collection
Guarantee 10 years
Care Grinding, surface treatment
Surface layer 3,5 mm
Middle layer / bottom layer Softwood
Underfloor heating Suitable for use with underfloor heating
Structure Three layer structure
Installation Locking tongue and groove, installed floating
Dimensions 14 x 205 x 2195 mm
hardness 3,3 – 4,1
Surface treatment Matt lacquer
Other finish processings Edges of top layer slightly bevelled

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Βάρος 15 kg
Διαστάσεις 2195 × 205 × 10 cm



ParlaFix-parquet is installed floating. The new floor is ready for use immediately when it is laid. ParlaFix-parkettilautojen lukkopontin profiilimekanismi on suunniteltu niin, että se asennettaessa ohjaa parkettilaudan paikoilleen. Parquet can be installed on a subfloor with underfloor heating. Learn more about installation >>

Care of the lacquered parquet

(Source: Finnish Floor Covering Association)

Remove sand and dust from the floor with a vacuum cleaner or brush. If necessary, wipe the floor with a well-wrung cloth or mop. Use lukewarm water, to which can be added a detergent intended for floor cleaning, and follow the directions for use of the detergent. The use of strong detergents is to be avoided. Wax or polishes containing wax must not be used.

Removal of stains

Wipe up all spills immediately. Stains which cannot be removed by wiping require different cleaning agents.

Type of stain -> Cleaning agent
fruit, juice, milk, cream, soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee, tea -> synthetic detergent
chocolate, grease, oil, shoe polish, heel marks, tar, pitch -> mineral turpentine
typewriter ribbon, duplicating wax, correction fluid, ball-point pen, ink, lipstick -> denatured alcohol
blood -> cold water

Floor repairs

In case the floor surface is worn or scratched after use, it can be re-sanded and varnished or oiled again.

Precise product description

Three layer structure

All of the components of 14 mm thick ParlaFix parquet board are real wood. Parquet board is composed of three mutually supporting layers. The construction is developed durable and particularly in a way to counteract warping. The dimensional stability of ParlaFix parquet board is improved also by contolling the moisture characteristics optimally in the manufacturing process.

The hardwood surface of Parla-parquet mainly highlights the natural beauty of wood and its outstanding and individualistic design. The surface layer determines in many respect durability and life span of the parquet floor. The middle and bottom layers are made from selected Nordic softwood. In the north wood grows slowly and sturdily which makes wood good quality and strong. The grain in the middle layer of the parquet board is vertical improving the parquet´s durability and preventing shape changes. Bottom layer of spruce veneer gives support to the entire structure. Skilfully made parquet does not warp or bend.



For centuries already, joiners and artisans have made use of the beauty of ash-wood and its excellent wear resistance and dressing properties. Ash is ornamental and splendid as an interior design element, full of different hues and patterns. The waviness characteristic of its structure is at its best when presented as large surfaces and this is what makes it such a desirable flooring material, irrespective of the design style applied. The sapwood of ash is thick and nearly white. With increasing age, ash develops a distinct heartwood zone, which stands out sharply coloured grey, brownish or olive. A floor made of ash may slightly darken with time. Our ash originates mainly from Croatia and Slovakia.

Wood in furnishing learn more >>

Ash Andante

Surface layer of Ash Andante parquet consists of a single ash strips that are 70 mm wide and 200-450 mm long. The long edges of the parquet board are slightly bevelled to give a plank look. Parquet is finished with white matt lacquer. The grain and natural colour tones of ash glimmer beutifully throug the silky varnish. Dimensions of the parquet board are 14 x 205 x 2195 mm.

Surface treatment

A surface treatment brings out the unique beauty of the wood. The surface treatment highlights the natural beauty of timber, and is bound to the surface of the floorboards. The surface treatment makes the floor durable, and easy to clean. The surface of the floorboards has been treated six (6) times, with an efficient and safe varnish. This varnish has innovative and unique characteristics, due to its AntiScratch and antimicrobial features. The AntiScratch feature protects the surface of the floorboards from scratches. Thanks to the antimicrobial feature, bacteria and other harmful microbes cannot use the floorboards as a breeding ground.

When choosing the surface treatment agent, we have also considered its safety and environmental impact, in addition to the traditional dirt- and moisture-resistance, and abrasion resistance. This surface treatment agent meets strict European norms, as well as the Finnish M1 norms (highest category) of the emission classification for building materials.

The gloss level of matt lacquer is 10o Gardner.




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